Why hello, Friend.

My name is Elizabeth Gray. I’m a cafe owner and ordained minister residing in rural Western New York.

I come from an interfaith upbringing, and overtime my beliefs have coalesced into what I can only describe as Quaker Pagan Buddhism.

Within the last year I lost both of my parents, an aunt, an uncle, and my unborn child. I feel my own mortality keenly, and I feel called to share my journey, my beliefs, my practices. Whether this call is from The Light, or merely my ego longing to leave a legacy, I have created Just Sit as a place to gain clarity, and — Gods willing — inspire thought and introspection among other Friends (or Friends in the making).

It is my most fervent goal that this “publication” will grow and evolve as a living and breathing testimony of my esoteric Quaker practice as it has come to bring me much peace during many dark nights of the soul.

I would not dare be so bold as to claim I know how this is going to go, or what specifically I shall write about. But I do commit to showing up as fully and completely as life allows. Subscribing will ensure you never miss an update.

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Stumbling towards Oneness as a Quaker Pagan Buddhist in Rural New York.


Elizabeth Gray

I am a cafe owner in rural New York. I’m also a Quaker Pagan Buddhist stumbling my way towards oneness.